Tuesday, April 8, 2008

baby shower details

I'm just so excited to show off some of the pictures of my daughter's baby shower. But there's so many.... Hope you don't mind.... I'm trying to break them up in a couple posts.... I bet you can't tell what the sex of the baby is going to be!

This is the dining light over the table. The dining table was to be the showcase for desserts with my original thought to tie ribbons and let them flow gently down towards the desserts. Jerusalem took it one step further and tied these cute little home made nests on to them! It's really hard to tell how cute it really was.

Another sweet product from Storia Home. A home made banner that sparkles and glitters and brightens any room. This picture simply does not do it justice.

The display on the coffee table was very simple: pink tulips in a white pitcher. It laid on a pretty little piece of pink and white gingham material. Beautiful!

These were our paper plates and napkins. They're sitting inside a basket we've lined with a pink and brown tag blankie. Look at the cute little flower designs. I love them!

And, of course, we needed 20 pounds of pink and white animal crackers! Isn't this decanter gorgeous?

This corner table was also so lovely, eventually overflowing with gifts.

These precious little presents were the prizes. Tracy ended up with soooooooooooooo many guests AND presents that we decided not to play games otherwise the shower would have turned in to a sleepover! But that's okay. Everyone was having a good time visiting. We did manage to give the prizes away though.... to the first guest that arrived, to any lady wearing pink or had pink toenail polish on. We also gave gifts for the person who lived on an island and other fun criteria. Or at least, I hope it was fun! All my gifts were from "no animal testing" products (except for a couple candles).

This is the favor buffet. For guest favors we had chocolate dipped pretzels, decorated sugar cookies, and home made truffles that Tanya's mom made. Oh, so yummy! Luckily we had a few left over :)

I think that's all I'm going to share today. Tomorrow..... the piece de resistance--the cake.... The food..... The party!

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jeanetta said...

what pretty pictures i guess it makes up for not being able to be there