Wednesday, November 21, 2007

eight random things about myself....

I've been tagged by Joey from The Village Voice to share eight random things about myself. Thanks so much, Joey! Let's see.... according to the rules, I'm to link to the person who tagged me (Joey), post the rules (name 8 things you didn't know about me), and link to 8 other special bloggers. I know right now this isn't going to be so easy. First, it's hard talking about myself in such an intimate manner and secondly, I really have such a non-exciting life. But here goes....

  1. I'm really not copying Joey's list, but could.... I, too, normally let my husband get up first to make coffee (also Starbucks but we prefer Christmas Blend this time of year). I stretch my legs out, taking up as much of the bed as I can, then fall back asleep for 15 minutes until I hear the beep of brewed coffee. Ahhhh, life can be so good!
  2. I hate standing in lines. But if I must, there better be a National Enquirer magazine near by to ridicule. Mind you, I would never, ever, think (or admit to) of actually buying one of these periodicals.... except when I travel. Then I'll buy one for quick entertainment and easy reading. Otherwise I'm embarrassed to be associated with them in any form. My mom, however, bought it every single week. Go figure.
  3. I'm more than squeamish at the sight of blood. My kids grew up knowing they better never hurt themselves to the point of drawing blood because..... chances weren't good that they would get medical attention. Okay, so that's not entirely true, but blood does make me practically pass out. Even when I go to the doctor's office and have blood work done, I wiggle and jiggle and hum songs; anything to take my mind off what's happening to my arm.
  4. When I was little, I used to hide cookies and candy under my bed. I'd like to say I outgrew that trait, but sadly I didn't. I still hide candy although in my defense, my children know where I keep it and help themselves. What they don't know is where I keep the GOOD stuff! ;)
  5. I love to fish and I love to eat fish, but I can't stand to see them killed. You will always find me looking the other way and otherwise occupying my mind with thoughts and noises when this happens.
  6. One of my favorite past times is walking the rocky beaches, looking for fishing lures that have gotten snagged and broken from the line. The thrill of finding one is almost as good as catching the fish!
  7. My glasses are trifocals. And I hate them. I will always hate them.
  8. I love to sing. Even when I don't know the words. I'm not a good singer; I do not have a good voice. But I love to sing. It makes me feel good.

If you're interested in other random things about myself, you can visit a previous blog where I shared some scary things about myself. As far as tagging eight other bloggers.... I suspect most people have been tagged many times over so if you don't want to participate, that's fine. And if I didn't tag you and you want to participate, consider yourself tagged!

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So there you have it! Happy Thanksgiving!


Jerusalem said...

what a great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

tracy said...

I like finding out new things about you :)

oooh, remember when Bucky got the rusty, old nail from his wooden "sword" stuck diagonally in his hand?? ;)

Mary Isabella said...

Hpoe you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mary

joey said...

So enjoyed your post, Nancy ... a 'dear sport' to answer. I too hid 'treasures' under my bed, often forgotten Halloween candy that I would find 'petrified' the following year! Do hope your Thanksgiving was memorable ... in the most wonderful of ways.

Naturegirl said...

Well Nancy now I know a few tidbits about you! I will eventually ((TRY)) to do this even though I have know Christmas preps and all that and still healing from my hows that for one fact ...I can make excuses! LOL!

It is very nice to meet you this way Nancy..thank you for visiting my blog! It is always a Joy to greet those that come by and read what we post! hugs NG

Patriot said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Hi! I just came across your blog tonight, and I wanted to let you know about a new giveaway I'm hosting this week! Come check it out - thanks!!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Thanks for the tag Nancy! I am going to do it this week! And I have to say, I also have your first one in common. My husband makes the coffee too!

Allison said...

Hi Nancy, I just wanted to thank you for asking me to play along with the "8 random things" game. I will do that in my next post. I enjoyed getting to know more about you Nancy. Thank you for sharing with us!