Sunday, November 25, 2007

christmas past

Here's some pictures from last year's Christmas decorations.

This is our tree.

One of my many Snowbaby ornaments. My husband collects them for me; snow globes, figures, ornaments.

Some pretty ribbon.

One of my rustic ornaments. This is a goose.

This is an ornament my daughter, Tracy, made many many years ago. It's still special to me.

This is a scene from my Snowbaby arrangement. I love it!

Happy Holidays!


Mary Isabella said...

Beautiful everything is so beautiful. Mary

Julie said...

I love the glow of Christmas lights! I am playing catch up on my favorite blogs today.

Jerusalem said...

I love the snowbaby arrangement - and of course Tracy's ornament!

Be Inspired Always said...

Beautiful decorations :)


joey said...

I can imagine your joy ... you must be almost finished decorating since Thanksgiving was almost a week ago! Enjoyed catching up on your posts.

I'm having trouble getting my 'act in gear' since long days are spent in the hospital with my sister, although she progressed to a nursing facility yesterday to complete her endocarditis treatment(2 wks). Then ...

tracy said...

great photos ~ they all glow!