Sunday, September 16, 2007

favorite arrangements

There's this blog -- Things Look Like Things -- that has the most incredible series of photos, connecting one photo to the next. If you read the profile, it looks like they're all taken off flickr. Check it out.

Here's some of my favorite arrangements around the house.

This is just my messy bookcase but it's MY messy bookcase! I love books. I love to read. I mostly love just looking at all my books. I have them categorized by subject: gardening; nature; Alaskana; westerns; classics; romance; series; biography type; travel; miscellaneous. When we go South, Barnes and Noble is usually our first stop where we will buy a dozen or more books. I love light reading; nothing that requires deep thought. The best part about reading is just that, reading. Finding a good book to curl up with and letting everything else go to the wayside until that book gets done.

This is one of my favorite photos. I love the connection of the colors from the plate to the little photos and then back to the marbles. My sister gave me this collection edition of the plate many many many years ago; the picture in the little black frame is me and my best friend, Karin, that was taken at my daughter's wedding; the little white framed photo was given to me by my best friend; and the marbles are just a collection of marbles.

I also love this collection of white and black. Some of the bottles were found in the hills of
Juneau where mining used to take place. Some garage sale finds. The two door plates were also found in the hills of Juneau amid old mining shacks.

This display changes with the seasons but one thing is always consistent: single, seasonal flowers in the bottles turn these bottles into a prettier display. These are from my garden. Soon there will be fall colored mums and then..... red carnations for Christmas!

Have a great day! Nancy


jeanetta said...

i love it when things dont look like they came out of the museum of pottery barn. its looks like people live here.

Jerusalem said...

the shelves with the bottles and doorplates is Magazine Worthy! So cute!!! I am coveting the doorplates...

Connie said...

Great looking bookcase...I wouldn't mind browsing it and curling up for some reading.
I love the shelf with your vases of seasonal flowers..wonderfully creative!

Deb said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Your bookcase is wonderful - what a fabulous collection of books you have. And your dog Sadie is gorgeous :-}

LivingTheLife said...

Thanks for your comments on my post about your lovely said the pictures looked like they were from up North...I believe you are right...the guys were at a Lodge in Pedro Bay on Lake Ilamina. They had a blast...the girls and I were in Anchorage, Mt. Denali and Seward...and all places in between on the Princess Denali some hotels along the way...HEAVEN...I tell you...HEAVEN on EARTH!!

Oh..and I love your collection of books and the hominess it lends to the room...gotta love books...I have an office full of them...having trouble parting w/any of them...but I do need to pass some along...let me know who and what you like to read...I may have some books to share if you like...I will see what I have and pass them on to you for you to enjoy!


the feathered nest said...

Love your bookcase stuffed with books! I just went through mine and am donating a few books I know I'll never read again (but it was hard)! The shelves with the bottles is the prettiest thing I've seen today! Love that you change out the flowers seasonally!


a pink-bee said...

I am finally getting a chance to visit my favorite blogs and saw you gave me a Rocking Girl Award- Thanks so much ! Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks :)

love your blog :)

tracy said...

one of my favorite spots in your house is of the little white shelves by the front door. they're always so perfect, and the scale of the items & their arrangement are just right. I'm just glad you didn't show the family photos with my horrid high school graduation photo! you ought to show the whole little bookshelf corner, with the green dresser & big chair, all leading out to the garden.