Friday, August 31, 2007

fat free cupcakes

I haven't been to Gottschalks in months and months but I went the other day to look for a blanket and found this cute little plate. It was on a sale rack for .94 cents. How could I resist?

Then I found this cottage looking candle holder. Also .94 cents. How could I resist this as well?

I knew it wouldn't be used for a candle but I thought just maybe the cute little plate could sit on it and when we had company I would use it for cookies.

Then I thought of cupcakes.

And what better way to display these adorable crocheted cupcakes from Splendid Designs than on this little stand and plate. How cute is that? A perfect display! Don't you agree?

I thought it was such a clever idea but with fall coming, would want some cupcakes in a fall theme. So I put my order in to Splendid Designs and this is what she came up with:

Aren't they cute? I can hardly wait to get them. They're just too cute for words.

By the way, I returned to Gottschalks yesterday because there was a second candle stand I thought I might as well get if it was still there. Plus more plates! I got three plates and one stand all for $4.03! This is about as good as it gets in Juneau!


LivingTheLife said...

Love what you did with your new finds...clever...and fat free cupcakes...gotta love those...lucky you that you were able to find such great treasures...only to return and find even more...isn't "fleaing" good...well this kind anyway!

blessings...and enjoy the long weekend...


jeanetta said...

i feel so loved. and you inspire me to creat some more and put them up on etsy. i have really been dragging my heels about restocking but your enthusiasum is just the kick in the pants i needed.

tracy said...

it's all so cute! apparently there are cute treasures in Juneau!

Shelby said...

Oh I love these cute treasures!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Love that plate on the candle holder! What a good idea :)

Lisa said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for your comment! I am thrilled to find your blog! Love your comments on the bugs! The crab looks amazing! What a great cook you are! I agree about the second time around! I did that too! Come back and visit often and I will certainly add you to my favorites if that is ok? Lisa :)

the feathered nest said...

What kind of store is that? A thrift store? Anyway, you got some really pretty things. I love how you put that plate on the candle holder. That's genius.


Julie said...

What a wonderful idea of how to use a lone decorative plate! Thanks for sharing.