Saturday, July 14, 2007

FREE! to a good home

I've been absent a few days. Been busy doing "stuff" but nothing interesting enough to put on paper. It might not surprise you that it's been raining since my last entry. Every day. It's been raining. Nonstop.... I feel like I'm growing webs between my toes! I'm tired of it. We deserve better!

We went to our neighbors, across the street, for a Wine and Cheese party last night. It's an annual event. They fill their garage with treasures-no-longer-wanted and invite their friends over to preview and shop prior to the garage sale. There's usually drinking involved.... you know, to loosen the pocket book a bit, and plenty of finger foods to munch on while you deliberate on what you can or cannot live without.

Okay, so here's a most pathetic story about these cabinet doors. I was visiting the previous night as Jean was setting up and I saw these cupboard doors. Instantly I knew I had to have them but thought it would be tacky to shop before the preview. They're just ordinary cupboard doors out of their bathroom that she had tried to paint white at some point. Hence, the chipped paint, which is what gave it the charm.

Anyway, I could see all kinds of possibilities with these doors. And, like what, you ask? Simply attach a couple handles and you have a cottagy serving tray. Or add some broken plates for a mosaic look. I'm sure the ideas are endless. I returned home that night thinking of these doors. I laid awake half the night thinking about these doors. I told you this was a pathetic story! I was so worried someone would beat me to them.

So last night.... the party started at 6:30.... no one had arrived yet.... At 6:31 we nonchalantly headed across the street. With a quickness to our gait. (I say "our" gait, but you know it was me leading the pace for my husband!) We walked inside, said our hellos, gave our hugs, and I ran.... did not walk.... into the garage to retrieve my treasures! You can only imagine my horror when I saw them in the FREE box! The FREE box! Like they had no value! I have to say my whole being slumped just a tiny bit as I grabbed my treasures and tucked them safely to my chest, assuring them that their new home would be so worthy of their presence. And that's my pathetic story of the day.

Still in the mood to find great treasures, we donned our coats and hats and headed out the door at 7:30 a.m. this morning, looking for garage sales. It was pretty sad pickings but I did find this cute little white plate. It's only about 6" tall but so adorable with the red and white gingham ribbon. I just love it!

And this white cottagy basket. It's made of some kind of metal and quite heavy. Not certain where I'll display it or what will find a new home in it, but I know I'll love it for a long time.


Georgia said...

Great find! A "Free" is a very good price. Can hardly wait to see what you create out of this poor pathetic abandoned piece of wood:~)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I have been waiting for you to show up again on my blog! I knew I had read a really good blog out of Alaska but couldn't remember the name of it! Now you are saved to favorites.
Imagine the seller's horror if she and he knew you would have PAID for the doors :)
I love your favorite things list to the side!

Connie said...

Sorry about your rain. :-( Would trade you if I could for our 100 plus degree weather right now.
Your FREE cupboard doors are great! I think I would have chosen up your other two items as well....good score!

jeanetta said...

o it is sooo not a pathetic story. i am right there with you on the doors. i only wish i could have raced you for them. lol.

a pink-bee said...

What wonderful treasures you found! Hope you show what you end up doing with the doors- lots of possibilities. Of course I love the heart plate.:) And what a pretty basket!

tracy said...

you're funny. love your pathetic story, except you know all of us would be doing exactly the same thing!

I need to start garage saling with you; I'm looking for a round coffee table.