Sunday, May 27, 2007

spring has sprung

We have green stuff growing in our yard! A couple sunny days and things started popping. We're still way behind a normal summer but it's a start. Still not a lot of color but my yard is prettiest in bloom later in the summer.

This is one of my favorite "rooms." It's really nothing but an old rotting wooden pallet! This is what all our household and other items arrive in Juneau on. It's been sitting there for a few years and I'm sure my hubby would love nothing more than to throw it away but it has so much character! So much charm! It's so.... so..... rustic looking. That's fireweed starting to grow in front of it.

And this is a circle garden in our front yard. Pretty soon the rocks will be hidden behind walls of ferns and other perennials that grow there. But at least it's a start. It had become so overgrown that last fall I dug up quite a few ferns so am excited to see how it looks this year. And, of course, my gnomes are on alert and making sure everything is norm. I love this circle garden and when it's in full bloom, is so pretty.
You'll notice we have a lot of moss.... I'm not going to say anything about it.... I like it on the rocks, but when it invades my gardens.... that's all I'm going to say about it....
You'll also notice our split rail fence doesn't look so healthy in the background. It's old, there's no doubt about it, but this winter treated it horribly. We had 8 feet of snow piled up on it and I lost several rails. Fortunately I was able to steal from other parts of the fence in the back yard to fill in the front. Next year we'll probably have to replace it...
(P.S. You'll notice some of my paragraphs are running together.... I've tried posting this FIVE TIMES now with it corrected and it absolutely refuses to comply. So fine.)
So that's all I have to share today.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello Nancy! Thanks for your email and welcome to the blog world :) Your life will never be the same! I started last fall and have so many friends across the world now. I use to have a website but it cost so much to have and ebay I just put things on my blog every friday. You can go backwards and find lots of things listed on previous fridays that didn't sell! I think my prices are low. I'm saving you to favorites so I can check back on occasion...I don't have any others in Alaska either!

Rosemary said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the nice comments. I like the moss, but I'm sure it is invasive.
I don't think I know anyone from Alaska. I don't know what 8ft of snow would be like.
Visit me again sometime.
Rosemary in California

Connie said...

Hi Nancy, Thanks for your kind words on my blog! I am always happy to meet new gardening friends. I love your rustic pallet "garden room'... Don't let your husband touch it, ha!
I think if I lived in Alaska I would have a serious case of zone envy.:-) But I am sure you make the best of your short growing season!
I will be back to visit....
Warm Regards, Connie