Saturday, April 21, 2007

a home without a season

Can you believe we had another sunny day in Juneau?! AND, it was warm, like in the high 50's! It's hard to describe how our moods change when a few rays of sun come out. Typically Juneau is dark and dreary most of the year. Much of the population gets cabin fever in the winter and moods drastically go on the downhill. Thankfully, I'm not one that gets depressed by darkness or rain. But when the sun comes out, it certainly lifts the spirit; it's good for body and soul, for sure.

The most difficult aspect of living right now is that we're living without a season. It's officially spring.... but our yard tells us, nope, not yet..... We should be outside raking, thatching, reseeding, trimming, and sprucing up the lawn and gardens. But we can't because we still have snow..... It's sunshiny and warm and I'm outside walking in the snow in my sandals.... Of course my husband had to make a point that they were sandals and not made for snow.... I thought it was best if I wore suntan lotion rather than risk a burn from the reflection of the snow.... So you can't imagine the feeling of joy when I had a 28" strip of lawn to actually rake today! The snow had receded from the driveway enough that I could enjoy the spirit of spring and rake to my heart's content!

Today was a lovely day.


Arlene said...

Sure hope your snow goes away soon! We had snow last week, but today was wonderful!

jeanetta said...

i know what mean by being without season. ours is the opposite of yours. we have about 2 weeks of winter spread out over 3 months. usually its in the 50's and 60's during the winter. ask jerusalem, we spent thanksgiving in shorts and running the ac.