Sunday, April 15, 2007

great finds

Yesterday I went garage saling! I love rummaging through other people's trash to find new treasures for me! My husband likes to go with me.... but I don't think he has such a good time.... I'm not certain why he goes.... I don't think he's really looking for anything.... I point out fishing gear, antique guns, books he might like.... but he never picks anything up.... Yet I love that he likes to go with me. I just wish he would have more fun! Because garage saling IS fun! Don't you agree?

I have to admit though, that I get a little jealous when I visit your sites and see all the wonderful treasures you come home with.... Juneau is not like that. Our garage sales aren't so great most of the time, and if you are fortunate enough to find one.... relish it! Yesterday I did find some decent treasures. Like this darling little dish. Not certain what its function is.... but I use them for olives and such. The bowls are just shallow enough for small portions. I paid $2.00 for this gem.

The peach pitcher I bought mostly for decoration. There isn't any stamp other than "made in Taiwan" so I don't know its history. I'll probably put flowers in it and set it on a little bistro table outside once it warms up. I love pitchers! Each has their own little charm. I paid $1.00 for this from a family who was packing it all up and going sailing!

And the cute little flower pitcher looks vintage. It's only about 8" tall and very very heavy. It looks to be in excellent shape and will be perfect for serving lemonade or iced tea outside on a warm summer day.... Surprisingly I found it at our thrift store for $5.00. Chances of finding a jewel at our thrift store are slim to nothing. I can't help but wonder where all the treasures go....

This is a large tin bucket but not certain what its original purpose is either but it'll look great outside as yard art. If our snow ever leaves.... We still have 3 feet of it in our front yard. This is supposed to be spring! I'm supposed to be outside getting my fingernails dirty! But I love yard art. When we moved into our home, the kind previous owners left a cast iron wood stove in the shed. Instead of taking it to the dump, we hauled it to the back yard, took the doors off, filled it with dirt, and in the summer I have flowers blooming inside the door and pots sitting on top of it! I'll post a picture later this year. It's just the cutest little garden room.

Most of my true treasures though are hand-me-downs from my mom or things my kids have given or made for me. I especially love taking an object and using it in some other way than what is expected. Like this old, green chandelier that probably held candles originally. Now it makes for a lovely place to hang my necklaces! My mom always had baskets hanging from it.

And this ottoman.... used to be our dining room table! It was an antique when I bought it and eventually the ornate legs gave out. We threw the table away, but kept the legs to "recycle" somehow. Bucky took the legs and surprised me with this ottoman a few years back. It's still fairly fragile so I don't use it for a stool much; it's mostly for looks. And I love looking at it.
Yesterday was a good day. I found some pretty good treasures and some vintage books; I put away the last of my Easter decorations; AND made this scrumptious strawberry blackberry shortcake for dessert !
Have a sunshiny day!


Jerusalem said...

You are way ahead of me with the Easter decorations. Lol. I wish you and Tracy could come down here and go Garage Sailing and Thrift Shopping with me. I don't think you would believe what I have right at my finger tips all the time...
I think there is less "stuff" in Juneau because it is so hard and expensive to get things in and out, so people only brought the basics - especially in "the olden ays" as Wylie would say. That's my theory anyway : )

Nancy said...

I thought I was behind the times with Easter! Juneau is so frustrating for thrift shopping and good vintage stuff. I would love to come visit you and go shopping! Just talk my daughter into it! Nancy